“You’re not trading chart patterns, you’re trading your hopes and dreams

– Kunal Desai, CEO of Bulls on Wall Street

image02Kunal began trading stocks during the Dotcom Boom, experiencing several ups and downs while growing his account and his knowledge of how the market works. It didn’t take very long for him to realize he had a passion for trading, and that he was particularly drawn to the excitement and profit potential of day and swing trading. While he grew his skill set through experience and self-education, it was mentorship under Paul Singh that really helped Kunal recognize his strengths and weaknesses, and develop a trading system that fit his personality and goals.

After years spent trading and developing a winning trading system, Kunal founded Bulls on Wall Street to teach others how to take control of their financial destinies. It started with a chat room where Kunal could talk about the stocks he was trading and watching, and a series of blogs and videos to provide market analysis. The site grew from there, as Kunal began using his experiences as a trader and teacher to hold webinars and live trading course sessions. After years of trading and honing his system, Kunal created the Bulls Bootcamp, a comprehensive trading course to impart everything he’s learned as a trader and provide the mentorship that was so helpful to him as a new trader.

Today, Kunal is still trading and teaching. He’s spoken at the Trader and Investor Summit, Traders4ACause gala event, been featured in numerous podcasts, and covered in the Huffington Post, BroBible, and Inc.com. In 2015, he spoke alongside market luminaries such as Peter Brandt, Jack Schwager, and James Dalton.




Hello, I am Kunal Desai and I want to thank you for checking out my website. Since you’re here I am assuming you want more out of life. Maybe you’re a trader or an entrepreneur. Maybe you want to be a trader or an entrepreneur. Well, I am living proof that anyone can do it. I am just a regular guy from Michigan that hated College (unless I was in the computer lab looking at charts). I know what you’re thinking, “How do I do it?” I thought the same thing for many years as I blew up trading accounts and continued to fail. Sometimes I look back and wonder how I managed to become a successful day trader, CEO of a successful business, owner of a hedge fund, partner in other businesses, speaker, and been able to travel all over the world doing what I love. Now, I don’t say this to impress you, I say this to impress upon you that anyone can do it. There were things I did right that got me to this point and I want to teach you them so you can get there faster then I did. I had an intense focus and vision on what I wanted to do and where I wanted to go; I found mentorship from someone that was where I wanted to be; I learned peak performance strategies and built a tough mindset that allowed me to get to the next level. If this letter has resonated with you, I want you to contact me and I want to help you. After all I beat the game and I didn’t even have to wear a f#@king tie!

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