International Speaker

Achieving success at a young age, Kunal has lived by what he speaks about. He has truly walked the walk being a successful trader and entrepreneur before accepting his first speaking gig. Kunal is a crowd-pleaser at every event he speaks. He always prepares an insightful presentation and delivers it with high energy. His ability to make concepts easy to understand and love for interacting with the crowd has made him a regular at many events including the Trader and Investor Summit and Traders4ACause Gala. Some of his most recognised topics are achieving peak performance, saving mental capital, and building mental toughness to take on any challenges. In 2015, he spoke alongside market luminaries such as Peter Brandt, Jack Schwager, and James Dalton. He is an International speaker with keynotes in North America, Europe, and Asia.

Check out Kunal’s Keynotes…

  • Inbound 2017
  • London Investor Show
  • Traders4ACause
  • Trader and Investor Summit
  • TEAMZ Business Summit
  • Asia-Pacific Blockchain Forum

Topics Include:

  • Trading the market open
  • Cryptocurrency Trading & Investing
  • How To Find The Best ICO’s Or Blockchain Companies To Invest In
  • Peak performance
  • How to make your customers feel like family
  • How to get over a blown up trading account
  • Mental toughness